The best way to present your product in the Amazon Listing Images section is to use 7 images and a video. The types of images are as follows:

  1. Main Picture
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Features
  4. Multifunction Images
  5. Included Items
  6. Size
  7. How to Use

The details of the images might vary depending on the product, but in general, the shape and color of the product should be consistent in all of them.

Main Picture:

 the first and primary image of your product in the Amazon Listing Images section. It should be placed on a white background with RGB values of 255x255x255.

The Main Picture is the most important image of the product. Amazon normally prohibits the inclusion of any items other than the main product in the Main Picture. Therefore, top-quality images are required for this purpose. Amazon recommends that the product should fill at least 85% of the frame, leaving only 15% of the white background visible. Thus, the product should occupy as much of the image as possible to stand out from the competition. The image should not confuse the customer and should encompass the entire product. Avoid including any text, logos, watermarks, or graphic elements.

The Main Image should not include multiple views of the product; it should show the product from a single angle.

The product should be shown outside of the packaging. The packaging should generally not be displayed in the Main Picture unless it’s one of the product’s main features.

For adult clothing, the Main Images should feature the product on a model, whereas for children’s clothing, the product should not be shown on a model.

The Main Images of shoes should show a single shoe facing left at a 45-degree angle

Lifestyle Images:

Among all Amazon Listing Images, lifestyle images are considered the most aesthetically pleasing and useful. They depict the product in real-world settings.

Showcase your customers’ satisfaction with your products in these images. If you have a target audience, consider featuring them in these images. Highlight the product’s role in addressing a need in the viewer’s life and show how the product is used.


These images emphasize your product’s most important features. Close-up shots are commonly used for this purpose. Additionally, showcase the product’s features in detail. If the product has advantages over others, use images and compelling reasons to highlight them. High-quality pictures should be utilized.

Multifunction Images:

The purpose of Multifunction Images in the Amazon Listing Images section is to demonstrate the product’s capabilities and applications in various scenarios.

The more applications you showcase in the image, the more positively it will impact your sales. However, avoid demonstrating applications that might lead to negative reviews. Aim for reasonable applications.

Included Items:

This image should display all the additional items that come with the main product. Ensure that all items that accompany the primary product are shown. If they are countable, provide the viewer with the quantity in the packaging. Failure to do so may lead to negative reviews.


This image presents the dimensions of your product and its accompanying items.
If you are selling your product in the United States, use Imperial units for measurements. If you are selling in Europe, use Metric units. As people might not have a clear understanding of size, consider placing a hand or a smartphone next to the product to provide a sense of scale. One of the primary causes of negative reviews is viewers misunderstanding the actual size of the product, which can be avoided using the method mentioned above.

How to Use:

The purpose of this image in the Amazon Listing Image section is to provide customers with instructions on how to use the product correctly. A well-designed image can help prevent numerous negative reviews. Many negative reviews stem from buyers not knowing how to properly use a product, which can result in returns and negative feedback.

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