Amazon says that EBC can increase your conversion rate by three to ten percent in thirty days
But what most sellers don't know is that EBC has other benefits, EBC / A+ content optimizes your page for mobile.

Seven reasons why you need to create A+ content for your Amazon page

A few years ago, A+ content was called EBC (Enhanced Branded Content), now known as A+ Content.

amazon EBC/ A+ Content design Services

1- Amazon says that EBC/A+ content can increase your conversion rate by three to ten percent in thirty days.

2- what most sellers don't know is that EBC has other benefits, EBC optimizes your page for mobile. That is, usually, when people check Amazon with a desktop computer, first, you see the title, then the main photo, then the secondary photos, then the bullet points, but the order of displaying the page is different on mobile, you can test it yourself 😊 more than fifty percent of buyers buy via mobile, that's why Optimizing for mobile is important and the main issue is that The Webretailer company's research shows that mobile buyers don't like to read text, they like to start with photos and do a quick search, and the best way for this is EBC/A+ because it increases the number of photos on your page

3-Amazon wants to eliminate third-party sellers and make room for original brands but When you spend money, you register a brand and put EBC/A+ , you tell Amazon's algorithm that I value my brand and I want to be a big player, so your page will be more algorithm-friendly. You will be promoted.

4-By putting keywords in EBC / A+ copy writing, you can increase the SEO of your page.

5-If someone is on the fence about your product, A+ content could be the last chance to convince them to buy your product. A carefully crafted A+ page can increase your conversions by introducing the brand, quality, features and benefits of the product all while being aesthetically pleasing to the consumer.

6-EBC/A+ makes your listing more algorithm-friendly. If you look at historical data from 2018 to 2019 Amazon’s own brands namely Amazon Basics accounted for around 30% of all Black Friday sales on Amazon, and then from 2019 to 2020, Amazon’s own brands accounted for 60% of all sales on Black Friday. What this tells us is that Amazon’s algorithm tends to favor large sellers, not third-party sellers. By using EBC/A+ you are convincing Amazon that you are a large brand with lots of sales.

7- EBC/A+ helps you keep buyers on your page longer and causes them not to be distracted by competitors. When users scroll down to read your product’s reviews they will come across your A+ content which will educate them on the features and benefits of your product.